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Year 6 Graduation Assembly 2023

Guess what? Our Year 6 Graduation at Otahuhu Primary School was so enjoyable today! 🎓🌟 It was a celebration of us reaching the end of primary with all our parents and school community.

We had a ceremony where we got to be on stage, holding our graduation certificates.  Three of our class members (you can watch in video) gave speeches.  The speeches acknowledged our school, teacher, parents and community.

But wait there’s more!  After the ceremony, we all had the yummiest lunch ever! 🍕🍎 There was so much food, and it felt like a big family lunch with all our friends and teachers. We laughed and talked about all the fun stuff we did during the year.

I think that’s just how Otahuhu does things – we celebrate together, and it’s always so much fun. Now we’re ready for the next adventure in the intermediate years! 🚀📚

Thank you Otahuhu Primary School! 🏫💖. Thank you Mrs Dollie.  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas break.

Room 8 of 2023

Aotea Surfing Club

Let’s go surfing now!  Last month Room 8 went on an excursion to the Aotea Surfing Club.  We had a great time learning the basics of surfing, paddling and water safety.

Some of us were a little nervous in the open space of the ocean however, we had so many wonderful teachers there to support us.  It didn’t take long for us to see that we were in a very safe place and that we would get all the help we needed.

Thank you to the Aotea Surfing Club for a great day of learning.   These days are so important as all the things  we learned we couldn’t have learnt in the classroom.   A great big thank you too to our staff who came along to look after us!


My face, it’s shape and colour


Studying our faces and the shapes we find there was the first part of our session today.   We learned about how we can create shapes, close them for colour and more.   The eyedropper tool was really helpful as it led us to selecting a colour that was close to the colour of our actual skin!   At one stage we had to change from lines to shapes as it got a little tricky for some of us.  We hope you will enjoy looking over our graphics here including a set of flowers that was the extension of this activity in google draw.

Familiar Faces

We have had a lot of fun using google draw to draw our very own faces.    A combination of curve lines, shapes and colour helped us to create these images.

Have you tried to use google draw for any other artwork?   Please leave us a comment to give us some more ideas on what we could use google draw for.

Meitaki maata!


Student blog posting begins!

Hello everyone.   This is a blog post from Mohammed Faizaan in Room 8.  This week our students posted introductions of themselves to their online world audience.

Here’s a great example of Room 8 students posting their introductions for 2023.  

As-salaam alaykum and peace greeting to all of you welcome to my blog.

My name is Faizaan I’m in year 6.  I learn at Otahuhu primary school.  My amazing teacher is Mrs Dollie at Otahuhu Primary school.

I really enjoy math’s and writing I’m good at math.   I’m challenging myself to learn my spelling and timetables.  I’m looking forward to awards and trophies I might be able to get this year.   I’m happy that my teacher inspires all for us.

Malo lelei my name is Gordon. I am a year 6 student. I go to Otahuhu primary school my teacher is Mrs Dollie In room 8. 

I’m good at spelling my goal is to improve my Writing and maths.  I want to practice big words that will help me with my spelling.  My goal for this year is to get awards.  I want to always look smart and clean. I will practice my timetables, fractions and equations.

I’m happy my teacher inspires me and my class room to learn.

Please click on the following names to see more and leave comments for these students.   Mohammed Faizaan and Gordon of Room 8.

Fiafia – Cultural Celebrations to end the term

We had another wonderful addition to the end of term celebrations. It was our cultural evening. We all the chance to showcase the different cultures that make up Otahuhu Primary School. We are certainly a school rich in culture.

Here we have a short video sharing one of our rehearsals.
We’re looking forward to sharing images from the actual event soon.


Time to draw!

Writing and drawing time this week! After completing work on our personal profiles for our blogs, our Year 6 students were introduced to the wonderful world of Google Draw! They began by drawing a house, where they were able to explore the various tools available in the program, such as shapes and colours.

Room 8 were able to create a variety of different houses, each with their own unique style and personality. Next week, the students will continue their exploration of Google Draw by focusing on cultural motifs and patterns. They will learn how to incorporate different designs into their artwork and create their own unique interpretations of traditional motifs with additional tools in google draw.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with!
Please leave us a positive helpful comment.

Taking charge and taking care of my stuff!

Today Room 8 have started the year with the Manaiakalani Programme.   We spent time learning about the ‘Kawa of Care’.  That’s right – how we take care of our things!

We shared items that Mrs Tele’a brought into our class. Each time she presented a piece, she asked us about how we might take good care of the item.  We pointed out locations in our classroom that would be good storage and working places for the various objects.  

We discussed how cost wise some of the items may not be expensive, however very valuable. Valuable in that someone worked hard to make it, it may be something to remember a loved one by, it may be an item passed onto generations – important to our whanau and cultural heritage.

Room 8 were very quick to give great ideas on how you could take good care of a number of items. These items included objects they held dear too.   We likened this good practice to how we look after our chromebooks, how we carry/place and store our chromebooks at home AND school.   Room 8 have worked very hard and have 13 students so far owning their chromebooks.   There are more to come – watch this space!
Tino pai to mahi Room 8 and Ms Dollie.    We will keep reminding each other about the Kawa of Care in the weeks to come.