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Student blog posting begins!

Hello everyone.   This is a blog post from Mohammed Faizaan in Room 8.  This week our students posted introductions of themselves to their online world audience.

Here’s a great example of Room 8 students posting their introductions for 2023.  

As-salaam alaykum and peace greeting to all of you welcome to my blog.

My name is Faizaan I’m in year 6.  I learn at Otahuhu primary school.  My amazing teacher is Mrs Dollie at Otahuhu Primary school.

I really enjoy math’s and writing I’m good at math.   I’m challenging myself to learn my spelling and timetables.  I’m looking forward to awards and trophies I might be able to get this year.   I’m happy that my teacher inspires all for us.

Malo lelei my name is Gordon. I am a year 6 student. I go to Otahuhu primary school my teacher is Mrs Dollie In room 8. 

I’m good at spelling my goal is to improve my Writing and maths.  I want to practice big words that will help me with my spelling.  My goal for this year is to get awards.  I want to always look smart and clean. I will practice my timetables, fractions and equations.

I’m happy my teacher inspires me and my class room to learn.

Please click on the following names to see more and leave comments for these students.   Mohammed Faizaan and Gordon of Room 8.