My face, it’s shape and colour


Studying our faces and the shapes we find there was the first part of our session today.   We learned about how we can create shapes, close them for colour and more.   The eyedropper tool was really helpful as it led us to selecting a colour that was close to the colour of our actual skin!   At one stage we had to change from lines to shapes as it got a little tricky for some of us.  We hope you will enjoy looking over our graphics here including a set of flowers that was the extension of this activity in google draw.

10 thoughts on “My face, it’s shape and colour

  1. Hi there Room 8! Well done you! Studying faces and shapes sounds interesting and fun. The eyedropper tool seems super helpful for picking the right skin colour, and drawing flowers in Google Draw is a great extension of the activity.
    Keep exploring your creativity, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful graphics!
    Mrs Tele’a

  2. Hi Mrs Telea’a

    Thanks for teaching us how to make our face.
    I tried to make my brother’s face at home.
    ; ]

  3. Wow!! You guys have done a great job in making your faces! If there is anything else you would like to add, please do, i would look forward to it!

  4. Hello Ōtāhuhu Primary School love the art the colors pop and all the shapes are nice i really like this no no i LOVE IT. keep the work up somthing that will helpit pop more is if the lineing was perfect. Kind regards Roman From pbs in LS1

  5. Ki ora Otauhu Im from PBS I really like the self portraits you made of yourselfs my favourite one would be smarah you really put in the details and no white spots when you grow up I bet your going to be a really good tracer Kind regards Kendric From PBS LS1

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