Welcoming Term 4 Book Week & Cultural Festivities

Celebrating Fijian and Nuian Language Week


2 thoughts on “Welcoming Term 4 Book Week & Cultural Festivities

  1. Ni sa yadra Room 8,
    What a fun week your class must have had! We especially like the creative costumes you’ve got on for Book Week. Did you need to plan your costumes beforehand? We also celebrated Niuean and Fijian language week by learning some of the language.

    Monuina e aho.
    Your friends in LS1 at Panmure Bridge School.

    1. Hello LS1 Panmure Bridge School. Thank you for the positive comment. Did you also have a book week? please let us know if you did it. Or send us a link if you had a book character week.

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