Monster Mate!

We’ve worked very hard this term with Mrs Dollie and Mrs Tele’a so it was time to have some plain old fun drawing some Monster Mates.  We had a lot of giggles as we drew using shapes, curves and lines in Google Draw.

Our next step for this is to write a profile for our Monster Mates.

These Monster Mates have been drawn by Rowletta, a budding artist of Room 8.

We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday.  See you in term 3!

12 thoughts on “Monster Mate!

  1. I really like the design of the monster! Especially the pink and the black blob. Those ones look cute and i really like the galaxy backround keep up the nice work
    how did you come up with the design?

  2. I Really like the black monster one cause it reminded me of a childhood cartoon and how do they came up with this drawing

  3. Wow Rowleta I like how you do your design and the back round. I like how you add more monsters that’s very creative keep up the good work!!.

  4. i really like the black monster becuase he almost looks like my old tedy
    bear he looks like the galaxy

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