Super Solar System

This week we have been learning to write introductions for our information report.  We chose the exciting topic of the Solar System to write an introduction for.   Please read through our presentation and leave us a positive comment.  There’s lots more to come!  To infinity and beyond!

This presentation has been created by the students named on the first slide.

2 thoughts on “Super Solar System

  1. Hi there Aliyah, Zahra, Fatimah and Samarah – ka mau te wehi!

    We really enjoyed looking through your presentation of the Solar System.
    It is interesting to us that Jupiter’s stripes are actually cold windy clouds of ammonia and water!

    Which planet do you think would be most suitable for humans other than Earth?

    From your friends in LS1 at Panmure Bridge School 🙂

    1. Thank you Miss Tele’a, it means a lot to me.

      I think the best planet for humans other than Earth is probably Jupiter because it is big and there will be extra space for everyone.

      From Samarah😊

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